Discussions to legalize marijuana in the Empire State have been on-going for year. Could legalization be close to happening?

According to a CBS 6 news story, we could be hearing more about legalization later this week. Both the state Senate and Assembly are close to coming together on the issue and lawmakers say it is a matter of "if" and not "when" as they formulate a plan on how to regulate the substance. While Governor Cuomo included the legalization of the drug in his annual budget, state lawmakers excluded this particular point in the budget they passed but negotiations on legalization have been ongoing.

We have been watching the debate on when and how to legalize marijuana as it has rolled on for a few years now. New Yorkers probably should not, um, hold their breath when it comes to the drug not only getting legalized but if it does get approved, actually having access to recreational forms of marijuana. The state of Maine is a great example. Recreational marijuana was approved years ago, but recreational dispensaries are now just starting to open. After legalization, the finer points of regulation were a huge stepping stone in Maine.

While New York lawmakers seem to be debating those points now according to the CBS 6 report and want to wrap a plan as a part of this year's budget process, we know there are likely to be several steps once all sides come together on a plan for legalization.

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