So you say that things have been a bit wacky in your world lately. Well, I may have a few reasons why but I don't want you to hold me to any of them because after I start telling you what I think, you may think I am a bit crazy.

Let's start by saying that we all go through times in our lives when things shift. There often isn't any apparent reason for the shift, it usually just happens as a type of event. For example, losing a job or even having a car accident that results in us needing a new vehicle. Hopefully, any shift you have felt over the last month has been of a positive nature.

The Black Moon and Other Cosmic Events in New York


Over the last few weeks, we have had numerous things take place that may be causing us to feel a bit out of whack but the truth is, we aren't completely wrong feeling that way, and you're not crazy. So what has been going on in the cosmos?

Well, for one thing, we all experienced a Black Moon about two weeks ago that was said to be the marker for a great shift in a lot of things. The Black Moon is the second new moon in a span of a month. This particular moon promised to be a positive shift for all of us

Mercury in Retrograde in New York

Another thing that may have us a bit out of sorts could be the fact that we just had a Friday the Thirteenth that always gets a few people talking. When you add that it happened while Mercury is in retrograde, you really have some people figuring it may be a while before things return to normal.

And if all of that isn't enough to have you convinced that a few things may be a bit out of control right now, let me add that Friday the thirteenth also fell on the same weekend as our Full moon which also happens to be a full lunar eclipse.

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