Cold and Flu Germs - Get Out
There are plenty of products out there in your local pharmacy when it comes to dealing with all of the colds, flus and viruses that seem to sweep through households during the winter months; but, unfortunately, there really isn't much available to prevent this stuff from spreading in the first …
NY Health Commissioner Nirav Shah Urges Flu Shots
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah has declared the flu now prevalent in the state, requiring hospitals and other state-regulated health facilities to ensure their personnel have either had this season's influenza vaccine or else wear masks where patient…
Visitor Restrictions Lifted
Visitor restrictions for those ages eighteen and under have been lifted at Faxton Saint Luke's Healthcare,  Saint Elizabeth Medical Center, and Rome Memorial Hospital because of a drop in the number of people exhibiting flu-like symptoms.

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