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Keeler in the Morning Show Notes for Wed. March 5th
Wednesday, March 5, 2014  Ash Wednesday! WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Syracuse Hometown of the Day:  Whitesboro Newsmaker of the Day:  Settlements Enter the VIP Club info here to earn points and win. This Day in History:  click here We Start with a crazy Debate A caller questioned Bill's English - He said it is 'a historic event' not 'an historic event' as heard on many newscasts, event netw
Anthony Brindisi on WIBX
Bill Keeler opened up the interview with Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi by seguing from a story about a child custody case in New Jersey where a man, who has named his son Adolf Hitler Campbell, showed up to a custody hearing dressed in Hitler-esque garb.
Julian: Cuomo Uses Bully Tactics
The City of Utica's new Independence Party Chairman Tim Julian was in the hot seat on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning on Tuesday for what turned into the show's first 'Grab Bag of Topics'.
Agreement Passes
Shameful. The word was hurled several times by the audience as they watched the Madison County Board of Supervisors pass the agreement forged between the county, the state and the Oneida Indian Nation. The 10 to 8 vote came with heavy emotion, as Chairman John Becker became choked up, saying this was the "biggest decision we may ever make,' but also noted that the state "will make a deal
Madison County To Vote
The Madison County Board of Supervisors is voting this morning on the agreement reached between the state, Oneida and Madison counties and the Oneida Indian Nation.
Agreement Accepted
The Oneida County Board of Legislators chambers were abuzz with both supporters and opponents of the recent agreement made between Oneida and Madison counties, the state and the Oneida Indian Nation.
Live Reports from Legislature
WIBX's Gino Geruntino is at the Oneida County Legislature live tweeting tonight's meeting, specifically the public comment period regarding the proposed agreement between the Oneida Indian Nation, Madison and Oneida Counties, and New York.

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