Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is at odds with President Trump over one particular aspect of his $4.1-trillion proposed budget.

Rolled out in May, Trump's spending plan takes the budget-ax to numerous programs, including the elimination of all funding to the Legal Aid Society. That funding amounts to about $385-million nationwide and about $22 million in New York State, Tenney said.

''What I'm trying to do is find out from them, and meet with some of their clients, to see how we can advocate to restore this funding and make sure that our region not only gets the full restoration of funding, but maybe even little more based on what I learned today,'' Tenney said Monday after meeting with representatives of the Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York and their clients.

Ultimately, Congress decides on federal budget spending. Tenney said the House has voted to restore $300-million of that money, while the Senate is proposing to restore it 100-percent.

The Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York receives about $1.9-million dollars in annual federal funding, officials said. The first-term Republican called the group's work 'outstanding' after meeting Mid-New York's representatives and clients, adding that she'd like to increase federal funding for the local office.

Members of Indivisible Mohawk Valley (Jeff Monaski, WIBX)
Members of Indivisible Mohawk Valley (Jeff Monaski, WIBX)

Outside the Society's office on Genesee Street were a half-dozen protesters from Indivisible Mohawk Valley. Members were holding signs calling for Tenney to change her stance on federal healthcare, and to host town hall meetings across the 22nd district.

However, members told WIBX, they did support Tenney's effort to restore federal funding for the Legal Aid Society.

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