Whether it's safety and insurance issues or mechanical maladies, automotive recalls or legislative matters, car care is something everyone needs and service can very wildly. This week Ed Welsh is in studio to discuss the the ten features no longer found in cars and defects of the spare tire found in most cars.

Ed Welsh of AAA Northeast is in studio to talk about features no longer found in cars, spare tires, the different types of spares and how to check them. He also discusses the things to look for when checking a spare and the types of defects that affect the safety of the spare.

Ed also mentions how far and how fast you should drive on a spare donut tire. Unlike wine, tires do not improve with age, listen to find out how long a tire lasts before it ages out.

Ed Welsh hosts the weekend segment, AutoTalk, on WIBX that covers a wide array of automotive topics exploring each from their simplest aspects to the most complex problems every Saturday from 8AM-9AM.


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