The "most dangerous" road in New York that "you may want to avoid" is probably not the road you're thinking of. It's also a road that's almost impossible to avoid in the Empire State.

This vs That recently profiled "The Most Dangerous Road in Each State." The list was based on the average number of fatalities on each road per year. "Many of these roads are extremely busy, making fatal crashes inevitable. You may want to avoid these if you can. Some roads, you may even want to avoid entirely if you can help it," This vs That states.

Most Dangerous Road In New York State


The New York State I-87 was named the most dangerous road in the Empire State. The often-traveled Thruway is a section of I-87. In 2021, "there were 17 fatal crashes resulting in 18 fatalities on the entire Thruway system" according to the NYS Thruway Authority. Each year there are about 20 fatal accidents on I-87. In the past 10 years, there have been 156 fatal accidents that resulted in 188 fatalities, according to This VS That.

National Comparison

The NYS Thruway Authority also pointed out, however, that the Thruway's fatality rate is actually much lower than the national fatality rate projections. They further added that while the US Department of Transportation found the Thruway's fatality rate decreased between 2020-2021, the national fatality rate increased during that time. So while it may be considered dangerous amount NY roadways, from a national point of view, the Thruway is considered increasingly safe.

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New Yorkers Traveling From Yonkers To Albany Travel On This Roadway

The mainline of the New York State Thruway extends from Yonkers to Albany, according to Thruway officials.


Most Empire State residents call the highway I-87, the New York State Thruway, or the Thruway. But did you know its official title is Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway? It was built in the early 1950s. The Thruway is one of the longest toll roads in the nation and one of the oldest components of the National Interstate Highway System, according to the Thruway Authority.

"This 570-mile superhighway, with 815 bridges, 118 interchanges and 27 service areas, connects New York's principal cities, rural areas, and tourist destinations," the Thruway Authority states.

250 Million Vehicles Travel Each Year on this Road

Photo by: Joey Hernandez
Photo by: Joey Hernandez

Around 250 million vehicles travel over 8 billion miles on the New York State Thruway each year,  according to Thruway officials.

Taconic State Parkway Also Named Most Dangoeurs Road In New York

The New York State Thruway being named New York's most dangerous was pretty surprising to me. That's because the Taconic State Parkway is typically labeled as New York's most dangerous road.

In late 2020, The Ahearne Law Firm named the Taconic State Parkway as the most dangerous road in all of New York State. 

Google Maps
Google Maps

"It may come as a surprise that this road is the deadliest road in New York. However, this two-lane roadway is one of the most overcrowded highways in the state," The Ahearne Law Firm wrote about the Taconic. "Part of the reason why Taconic State Parkway is so dangerous is because of all its twists and turns. If you can avoid this road next time you head north from the city; you should."

During a three-year period, there were over 2,000 accidents on the Taconic, according to Only in Your State. Both the New York State Thruway and Taconic State Parkway are among the Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in New York State. See the full list below:

The 5 Most Dangerous Roads In New York State

The most dangerous roads in New York.

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