Let's get one thing straight: I'm one of the biggest fans of a good PB & J sandwich. Even at 21 years old, I have one almost every day for lunch. But I can't stomach this.

One booth at the New York State Fair is introducing an interesting combination, to the say the least, with their PB & J bacon hot dogs.

In a new video from Syracuse.com, a woman from Pizza Emporium shows how they make the dogs, starting with wrapping the hot dogs in bacon and cooking them. She then puts it in a bun and lathers on peanut butter. The jelly comes next, but instead of regular jelly, she says they use a mixture of strawberry jelly and sriracha. But that's not all.

"Just like the sprinkles on a sundae, we top it with some bacon bits," she says.

Now just because I have MUCH too weak of a stomach for this monster of a food combo, doesn't mean you shouldn't try it! I mean, trying new and interesting foods is one of the best parts of the NYS Fair, right?

If you're wandering around the fair this week and feel like trying out the PB & J bacon hot dog, Pizza Emporium's booth is located next to the Dairy Building.

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