One place in New York has been named the perfect selfie spot in the world.

Who doesn't love snapping a picture while on vacation? Chances are you've posed for a selfie with family, friends, or people you met along the way.

It's one of the top ways for people to humbly announce where they've been and show off how much fun they had.

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Travel experts determined that one of the most popular selfie backdrops are waterfalls, so a new study was launched to find out which is #1 in the world.  The study looked at the globe's 432 most famous waterfalls and determined how many millions of selfies were taken there.

One place in New York came in at #1 - beating out heavy hitters like Victoria Falls, which is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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According to Niagara Falls Tickets and Tours, the state landmark has been tagged in over 4,250,000 posts on Instagram and is officially the most "gram-worthy" waterfall worldwide.

Niagara Falls by far and large blows the competition out of the water, as it has 1,105% more Instagram activity than the landmark that claimed second place.

In second was Victoria Falls, a natural wonder that's located between Zambia and Zimbabwe, which amassed only 381,614 hashtags.  Third place went to Skógafoss in Iceland, which is one of the country's largest. It has been 'grammed 348,836 times.

Victoria Falls Draws Thousands Of Tourists The World Over
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Although New York can boast about finishing in first place, waterfalls from Iceland made up nearly half of the top 10. The other falls to make the finish were Gullfoss, Seljalandsfoss, and Godafoss; which are respectively in 5th, 7th, and 10th place.

Magdalena Petrusic, a travel expert from Niagara Falls Tickets and Tours, reacted to the study and said:

Waterfalls are among nature’s most stunning creations, and social media allows us to capture their beauty and share it with the world. This ranking will help selfie-loving travellers decide what destination should be next on their list and is ideal for those seeking picture-perfect locations.

If you're hunting for the perfect selfie spot, visit Niagara Falls Tickets to book your visit.

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