It was a rough day for Oneida County as County Executive Anthony Picente announced three new deaths overnight. That brings the total number of fatalities as a result of COVID-19 in the county to eleven.

COVID-19 Numbers

New Cases: 7
Total Positive Cases: 293
Active Cases: 193
Resolved Cases: 92
Negative Cases: 1,680
People Tested: 2,072
Pending Tests: 99
Mandatory Quarantine: 392
Precautionary Quarantine: 388
Discharged From Some Form Of Quarantine: 2,317

Hospitalizations (32)

MVHS: 20
Rome Memorial: 7
Oneida Hospital: 1
Out of County: 4

Picente also announced additions to their online dashboard which can be found at Given the increase in fatalities, the age and genders of positive cases will be broken down. They are also going to include the age range of deaths.

Death Age Range Breakdown

45-64: 2 Deaths
65-74: 4 Deaths
74+: 5 Deaths

Picente also addressed the Facebook survey results pegging Oneida County as the one in New York with the highest percentage of COVID-19. Picente said, "the map was devised by Facebook from users who self-reported symptoms in a voluntary survey. Facebook prompted users to them to take." Picente added, "There was no scientific data used in this survey. I feel it’s irresponsible for Facebook to make that claim in this manner."

Picente went on to indicate that the large number of negative cases included people who felt upper respiratory symptoms as well. He maintains "the infection rate is down and so are the hospitalizations."

County Executive Picente announced that he discussed with several other regional leaders on a call, a preliminary strategy to reopen our local economy. Picente said the plan they come up with will be presented to and announced by Governor Cuomo.

Testing continues in the Rite Aid Pharmacy parking lot on Commercial Drive in New Hartford and Picente confirmed that antibody testing is still being conducted in the region. He emphasized the point that it is by appointment only. Picente also assured people that everything that can be done is being done to supply local businesses with PPE and he continued to encourage positive hygienic practices and social distancing.

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