Utica, NY (WIBX) - The attendance roster read like a "who's who" of the Oneida County Legal System, with the most notable attendees being the only ones who weren't there.

Five new portraits adorn the chambers of the John Balio Ceremonial Courtroom at the Oneida County Courthouse.

Five judges were honoured, two posthumously, with the portrait hangings.  The likenesses of John Grow, Robert Julian, John Murad, Anthony Shaheen, and John Walsh were unveiled in the courtroom today at the Unveiling of Portraits of Oneida County Judges.

The presentations were equally respectful and humourous.

Attorney Patrick Marthage sang the National Anthem to open the unveiling of portraits of Oneida County Judges at the Hon. John P. Balio Ceremonial Courtroom.

President of the Oneida County Bar Association Elizabeth Fortino welcomed the guests with standing room only in the packed courtroom and Judge Bernadette Clark introduced the honorees.

Those being honored, along with their presenters, are:

Honorable John W. Grow - Presented by: Julie Grow Denton, Esq.

Honorable Robert F. Julian - Presented by Richard Pertz, Esq.

Honorable John L. Murad - Presented by the Honorable David A. Murad

Honorable Anthony F. Shaheen - Presented by Gail N. Uebelhoer, Esq.

Honorable John J. Walsh - Presented by Carl Del Buono, Esq.