Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- So many businesses are going to be negatively impacted by the growing threat of Coronavirus. We speak with Bill Waskiewicz of Chester's Flowers about how he's being hit.

- Mitch McConnell is looking at two bills to put up for a vote. They're a FISA bill and a Coronavirus relief bill. We get the latest from Rachel Sutherland (FNR).

- How are things going in NYC? Peter Franklin is THE Gabby Cabby and he talks about how eerie things are in the city in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis.

7 AM Hour

- Tim Reed is the former Boilermaker Road Race Director and co-founder of 'Real Men Get Tested.' He joins us this morning to talk about the life and legacy of Congressman Richard Hanna.

- With the stock market in a consistent spiral, we wanted to talk to an expert about what we can expect in the long term. Spencer McGowan is the Asset Management President & Senior Portfolio Manager at the McGowan Group and he gives analysis on the volatility of the market.

- The Mayor of Rome is Jackie Izzo. She has declared a State of Emergency in the city and let's us know what her feelings are on all that's going on.

- This community was shocked to hear yesterday of the passing of former Congressman Richard Hanna. He was quietly battling cancer and we speak with a lifelong friend of Richard's, Bob Julian. He reflects on his life and legacy.

8 AM Hour

- One local business owner being impacted by COVID-19 is Mike Volz. He is the owner of Killabrew Saloon. He will be offering pick-up or delivery for Central New York and he talks to us about what this all means for him.

- How is President Trump handling the Coronavirus? He continues to take steps to limit the spread and Jon Decker (FNR) gives us an update.

- The Utica Comets, UCFC and Garden Entertainment have taken a giant hit and we speak with Rob Esche about what efforts he and his company are taking to get through this crisis.

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