Two suspects were running from authorities in a stolen Jeep when they crashed into a school bus with several children inside, according to police.

According to Rochester Police, two suspects stole a red Jeep at knifepoint from a 51-year-old woman when as they were fleeing, they were spotted by police who apprehend the vehicle. During the traffic stop when police told the two males to exit the vehicle, the driver backed up into the police car and then sped off, according to police.

Witnesses told FOX 5 in Rochester that the vehicle drove the wrong way down the street and ultimately crashed into the school bus carrying 17 children. The two suspects then exited the Jeep and attempted to flee from the scene. A video shot by a witness shows police chasing the two men and yelling at them to get on the ground.

According to a police statement, the two men were apprehended without further incident.

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The police later determined that one of the suspects was responsible for the knifepoint carjacking, where the female victim was injured and received medical treatment, according to FOX 5 news television in Rochester.

According to a statement released by police, "the driver (of the school bus) and every student was uninjured as a result of the crash."

The two suspects were identified as 20-year-old Maliq McCullough and 23-year-old Adeosun Hughes, were charged with various crimes, according to FOX 5. The woman involved in the car jacking at knife point was treated at a local hospital.

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