One of the candidates for Utica Common Council wants to see traffic move faster on Memorial Parkway, or at least a portion of it.

The Fourth Ward's Lawrence Cohen says, if elected, he would propose an increase of ten miles per hour - from thirty to forty miles an hour - along the Parkway from Elm Street to Valley View Road.

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Google Maps,

Cohen believes Pleasant Street should remain a thirty mile per hour zone.  He says he thinks there would be fewer traffic incidents along the road if the forty miles per hour speed limit was strictly enforced.

As for commercial traffic along the Parkway Cohen asserted in a written statement that "weight limits are virtually would have to tow the Queen Mary on a flatbed over Pleasant Street in order to get the attention of the authorities here."

When speaking with WIBX Cohen said he does not believe that there are any potential ramifications for pedestrian traffic.  He said there is a place for people to cross at the Utica Zoo, and there is no need for an additional walkway along that stretch of road.

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Lawrence Larry Cohen Discusses Candidacy For Utica Common Council

He says he will not be a one issue candidate, but there is one reason that he decided to throw his hat in the political ring. Lawrence 'Larry' Cohen says it's his, and your, cable bill. Cohen is running as a Republican in Utica's fourth ward - a seat currently held by Democrat Joseph Marino.


With additional reporting by Marc Barraco, WIBX Intern.






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