One of the longest stretches of road in the City of Utica is the Memorial Parkway. It runs all the way from Genesee Street on the south side of the city to the east side. One of the toughest things for motorists traversing this route is the speed limit.

New Speed Limit Enforcement

Utica Police Car

The actual speed limit, despite what your foot or patience level may think, is 30 miles per hour. Some Utica residents and regular travelers of this historic roadway think it should be higher and drive as though it is.

Well, the Utica Police Department has been getting several complaints lately and they are vowing to put a stop to those racing down the lanes. UPD officials announced on their Facebook page that they will be dedicating special patrol units to specifically target speeders on the Memorial Parkway. The complaints are not exclusive to the Parkway but Pleasant Street as well.

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Traditionally, the Utica Police Department has been busy with a lot more serious matters such as shootings and other crimes that take their attention. But, due to people who can't respect the rules of the road it may be a detriment to others in the community in need of police assistance. So, do your part and keep it to a reasonable speed when traveling all roads in the city, especially the Parkway. Drive like there are 20,000 plus runners heading towards the Saranac Brewery. Also, don't be surprised when you get that pesky speeding ticket from a man or woman from the Utica Police Department.

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