The City of Utica has issued an update on the flooding throughout the city.

Officials say water levels are continuing to rise in the vicinity of the Utica Harbor. They say however, the levels are rising at a slower pace that initially predicted.

Water levels are expected to crest between now and 6:00PM.

The most impacted areas will be North Genesee Street, Wurz Avenue, Leland Avenue and other low-lying areas flowing east to the Mohawk River.

Road closures will likely be in effect in those areas over the next 24 to 36 hours.

With the water levels slowing rising, residents should expect water levels to recede slowly as well.

The City of Utica has been in constant communication with State and County officials regarding the flooding throughout the city.

The New York State Canal Corporation has done everything in its power to improve the flows in the affected area of Harbor Point.

The conditions at Delta Reservoir are improving as flows over the spillway are diminishing.

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