After hundreds of cities were nominated, Utica made the final list of twenty-five to bring the Levitt AMP Concert Series back to town. Once the proposals were submitted for each prospective city, people had the chance to vote for who they feel would be best suited to have this concert come through town. Now, Utica is officially being considered.

Utica is the only proposal that is representing New York State, and according to the Levitt AMP website,

With online public voting now over, the Levitt Foundation is currently reviewing the Top 25 proposals and will announce up to 15 winners on January 5th.

The concert series did come to Kopernik Park this past Summer, and proposal committee members are hopeful for it to return. Michelle Truett is one of the people responsible for the proposal. She says, "We're thrilled to make it to the next round in the Levitt AMP application process for 2017. Last year's concerts brought some phenomenal music acts to Kopernik Park, we revived the Oneida Square neighborhood with the series, and we used the concept of creative placemaking to bring awareness to an underutilized park. It was a win in so many ways. I'm looking forward to the chance to do it again and make it an even stronger summer-long event."

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