It's not every day someone turns 100!  Estel Kempf is a tenant at Cedarbrook, Sitrin Health Care Center’s assisted living apartments, in Utica and she was in great spirits as she blew out her candles in celebration of her centennial. At seeing the cake and all her friends gathered, she cried tears of joy.

Estel was born in West Utica and she was one of six, one sister, and four brothers. She married the love of her life Raymond and had three girls- Arthea, Terrilynne, and Kristine. She worked as a Lab Technician in Marcy, a job not many women wanted to do at that time. She was also very active at the Senior Citizen Center where she planned many events and went on several trips. She always loved swimming, diving, and showing off. She says "I loved swimming in the Barge Canal and at the Power Dam. Everyone else was afraid but not me."

Photos of a Younger Ester Kempf

When asked if she had any words of wisdom Ester said simply, "Enjoy living, make the most of it and don't cry-there's no need for tears." Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman.

We want to thank Victoria Lamanna from Sitrin for help with this story.

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