Being a police officer has always been a difficult job, but in 2021 there are a number of new challenges. The mental health crisis in this country can make answering a call for first responders a stressful and unpredictable situation.

New police reforms, especially in Utica, have included measures to help officers better deal with a mental health situation. One Utica Police Officer is receiving praise for his work in dealing with a suicidal young man. Utica Police took to their Facebook page Thursday to share a letter they received from an employee at the Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center. The employee wanted to thank Officer Jordan Dodge for the job well done. The letter reads,

Officer Dodge was incredible in a mental health situation. I work for Mohawk Valley Psychiatric while conducted a home visit I needed assistance. The young man we were with had attempted to take his life in November by jumping off the bridge in Proctor Park on Albany and Culver. Officer Dodge did an excellent job de-escalating and making the youth feel comfortable. This led to the youth remaining home with his family.

For all the negative stories about police and law enforcement making national headlines, there are plenty that deserve to be told about those who go above and beyond. That's the case for Officer Jordan Dodge. A young person and his family will always be grateful for the care he provided. The Utica Police Department wants to thank Jordan for proudly representing the Utica Police Department.

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