Utica's Peregrine Falcons produced their first egg of the breeding season over the weekend.

The egg laying took place in the nest box on the 15th floor ledge of the Adirondack Bank Building in downtown Utica.  It's the same location where "Astrid" and "Aries" have successfully raised young for the last three years.

Members of the Utica Peregrine Falcon Project say they expect at least three more eggs to be laid in the box over the next ten days.

The incubation period for Peregrine Falcons is at least 33 days, so hatching of the eggs is expected to begin in early May.

In 2014, "Astrid" and "Aires" became the first pair of Peregrine Falcons known to successfully breed in Utica and in the history of Oneida County.

We have a link to live streaming video from the nest at uticaperegrinefalcons.com.

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