A death wish, and not mere curiosity, can be the only impetus behind someone knowingly trying Krokodil, the drug now known to rot your skin and make it fall off of your body.

There are questions about whether the drug has made it across U.S. borders.  It is very definitely in existence in Russia, as the video below shows.  New reports are suggesting that the drug may have found its way to Arizona.

Warning: The video below, from Kanal von gottgohot on YouTube is graphic.

A link to a posting that includes information about the chemistry behind the drug is included below.  We issue a stronger warning, however, before you click on the link to io9.com - while the coverage is in-depth, it is very graphic (translation: If you think that your teen might be tempted to "experiment" with a new drug, show them this video.  If you are going to be eating anytime soon, now is probably not the best time to watch).

io9.com: Russia's Flesh-eating Drug Krokodil Actually has Origins in America