The situation in Syria may be worse than some can imagine.

CNN reporters Atika Shubert and Bharati Naik have spoken with a doctor working with the group Syria Relief to uncover what is undoubtedly a brutal fact emerging from a part of the world that is literally being torn apart by unrest.  The victims being targeted in the latest violence, according to Doctor David Nott, appear to be children and pregnant mothers.

Nott says that he performs surgery on about twenty gunshot victims every day, and the pattern of their wounds suggests that snipers in Syria are deliberately aiming at children and at the wombs of pregnant mothers.

He believes that the evidence is compelling enough that he shared video of survivors with CNN with the request that the news organization share it in order to bring attention to exactly what is going on in Syria.  Unlike the situation in Bosnia years ago, there are no UN-guarded corridors via which those seeking refuge from violence can go to get food and supplies.

This video is graphic and shows victims after they have been shot.