The troubles impacting Ukraine have left an impression on people all over the world. One Central New York farm is looking to give back to the people of Ukraine in a big way.

Wagner Farms in Rome, NY has made a pledge to donate 10% of all sunflower related items sold this year to help Ukraine. This a major commitment the owners believe is necessary in order to help innocent families whose lives have changed forever.

As local has become global... we all will be affected greatly in the coming months from the past events in Ukraine. Wagner Farms unites with our customers to show our support for them.

The percentage of sales includes is season passes, general admissions to the Event Center, cut stem sunflower sales, and Ukrainian garlic.

By buying a season pass, of which are all $25 each, $2.50 will go towards aiding Ukraine. If you decide to buy any of the Ukrainian Hard Neck garlic, half of each dollar spent will be donated.

Wagner Farms via Facebook
Wagner Farms via Facebook

Wagner Farms shared some fun facts about Ukraine's agricultural production:

  • 32% of the worlds Sunflower Oil comes from Ukraine.
    • 5.9 million metric tons of oil produced per year.
  • Ranked #1 in sunflower seed production.
    • 17 million metric tons produced per season.

So by shopping with Wagner Farms, you are making a change in the lives of so many people in need. That's 10% of all sunflower sales up to $10,000 this season. Get more information by visiting their Facebook page.

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