Have you noticed after searching something or shopping online, especially after putting something into a "cart," you start to see ads for that product on your Facebook news feed? You are not wrong in assuming that the social media site is tracking your online behavior to cater ads to your interest. Do you want to know how to make it stop?

This type of marketing is known as "online interest-based advertising." What does it mean? According to Facebook,

Online interest-based advertising means deciding which ads you might like to see based on your activity on websites and apps off of Facebook. Your activity on websites and apps off of Facebook that use Facebook's services and technologies can help us learn about which ads you might be interested in. You can see online interest-based ads from Facebook on Facebook, or on other websites and apps where we serve ads.

Kinda creepy right? All you have to do to turn this setting off is follow these simple steps:

1. Visit "Settings" on Your Facebook home page --> (The Lock and Arrow - Top Right)

Screen Shot from Facebook

2. On the left hand side of the settings page are a list of categories. You need to click "Ads."

Screen Shot from Facebook

3. Finally, go to the first section under "Facebook Ads" in the settings and hit edit. Then switch the choice from "ON" to "OFF."

Screen Shot from Facebook

Once you have completed these simple steps you will still see ads, however you won't feel like there is someone from Facebook spying on you. If you would like to have ads delivered to you based on your interest you can leave it the way it is. Either way you still have some control over what happens with you Facebook account.

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