It seems like every 'Game of Thrones' fan can't wait for March 31, 2013 when HBO's darling returns to televisions everywhere for the third season. Until that time, fans have been busy speculating about which characters and plotlines will appear in the show (we personally can't wait to see the television show's adaption of the Red Wedding), who Jon Snow's parents really are, whether or not Martin will ever finish the series (write like the wind, Martin!) and creating fan videos on YouTube.

'Game of Thrones: One Voice, One Violin' is one the more remarkable fan videos floating out on the internet because they covered the epic theme song using only Peter Hollens' voice and Lindsey Stirling's violin. All in all, it took them 140 tracks for that one cover of the opening theme.

We also loved the nice touches to both the books and the television show: the landscapes are a nod to the Dothraki Sea (hence the dragon eggs Lindsey is seen holding) and Quarth. Plus, both Lindsey's 'Danaerys' costume and Peter's 'Ser Jorah Mormont' costume are spot-on. Now that's fan devotion!

They have filmed similar videos for 'Skyrim' and Lindsey filmed a fan video for 'Phantom of the Opera' so if you liked their 'Game of Thrones' cover, you'll absolutely adore the rest of their videos.