Weather forecasters are predicting a possible snow storm this week and plenty of winter weather; but, the days following this weekend last year had us all basking in the sun.

Starting with Saint Patrick's Day, when temperatures rose to 65 degrees, the Mohawk Valley and most of the Northeast enjoyed an amazingly warm March and April.  According to, the average daytime temperature for March of last year was 58.3 degrees and the overall monthly temperature was nearly 14 degrees higher than average.  If that doesn't sound like a big deal, check out these high temperatures from March and April:

  • March 17th -  65
  • March 18th -  80
  • March 19th - 79
  • March 20th - 78
  • March 21st - 80
  • March 22nd - 79
  • March 23rd - 73
  • March 31st - 80
  • April 16th - 88
  • April 30th - 88

Unfortunately, this upcoming week of March which will see the official arrival of Spring, looks as if it will be coming in like a lion.  Stay tuned to WIBX for the latest winter weather advisories as we track this storm to see what impact it will have on the Mohawk Valley.