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Along with listen live and breaking news, the free App allows you to quickly message us and it pops right up on our screen. It could give you opportunities to win contests, request information, or say the things you might not want to say to us on the air.

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This morning's show was a roller coaster ride, and the messages reflected that.

One topic we hit was the fact that the Samsung refrigerator we own has malfunctioned and no longer makes ice. It's clearly a design flaw and my wife and I are trying to come up with a solution. The messages poured in on the app. Here are a few:

"You might wanna check the valve where the icemaker is connected if it’s an old style piercing valve it may not have enough back pressure to close the solenoid which is causing it to freeze up" (Greg, Yorkville )

"No problems with a Frigidaire. 2 Ice makers. One in freezer and one refridgerator. Samsung? That’s a TV" (joe, whitesboro)

I'm completely lost by Greg's technical comment and Joe in Whitesboro, well, he got his point across just fine.

Another topic that lit up the lines was the George Floyd case when Anne in Rome challenged me to my opinion that...let's say, differed a bit from hers. And everybody came to her rescue.

"Bill needs to do research before he give his opinion before he tells others their opinion is not correct" (Ed, Syracuse)

"So now we can’t refer to a group of humans as “they “?? Where does it end Bill ! ??" (Big Honey, Hecla NY)

Dr. Kent Hall from MVHS is on either at 7:45 or 8:45 each day answering COVID questions, and he was on this morning. The App is perfect to prompt us to ask a question.

"Wasn't there some mix up with the J & J and Astra Zeneca vaccines? That's why they were holding up shipping of J & J?" (darlene, sauquoit)

"What do I do if I get the virus in between my 1st and 2nd COVID vaccine?" (tony, herkimer)

If you have a question about something we're NOT talking about, you can easily send it off from the App.

"What is going on with the d m v" (john, remsen)

Because of John, we'll be dealing with that topic on Tuesday.

And by the way, we also get your messages when you send them during the day, long after we've left the studio.

"Great show today. Love you guys." (deanna, oneonta)

Thanks Deanna.

"Tell Bill he needs to stop cutting people off. I'm sick of hearing his snowflake opinion." (jake, new hartford)

Thanks Jake. Love you too!

You see, the App is a great tool for communicating whenever you feel so inspired.

My skin is thick. It has to be.

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