I really can't imagine anyone liking this term. It really just sounds very braggadocious. However, it's such a New York thing to do.

'Roam The Empire' is the newest term New York Tourism has created to get people to travel or vacation within the borders of the state. Yeah, it's a play on our state's nickname, The Empire State. I get that, but when I hear the nickname, I don't think it sounds all that bad. When I hear 'Roam The Empire', it almost just sounds like "yeah, look at us!".

How about we hop on a chariot and ride it through the valleys and peaks of the state en route to New York City. That's what I think of. If they got Russell Crowe to maybe do the commercials or videos for this campaign, I actually would change my tune and love it quite a bit. But will New York do something that cool? Probably not.

I do get it though, this is such a big and beautiful state. We are truly more than the city that is like an empire. There are really so many things to do, and anything to promote tourism inside other regions of the state that doesn't have the acronym NYC is very cool. But that 'Roam The Empire' line just doesn't inspire me in the least. Check out more from WKTV about what NY is actually trying to do with their newest term.

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