The City of Rome may very well become the supplier of drinking water to the Town of Verona.

Rome Mayor Jackie Izzo and Verona Town Supervisor Scott Musacchio have announced they have been in conversation with one another concerning centered around the City of Rome providing drinking water to the Town of Verona.

It was a year ago that Musacchio approached Izzo regarding his concern with the quality of the town water. Mayor Izzo says, "In listening to Supervisor Musacchio and the engineers from Barton & Loguidice, representing the Town of Verona, it became apparent very quickly that Verona had concerns with drinking water supply from a public health and public safety perspective."

Currently, the town is being provided their water by the City of Oneida. According to Izzo, Oneida is unable to get clean, filtered water to residents in the outskirts of the water district. As a result, Izzo is calling on the City Council to consider a Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Verona to explore water expansion.

This potential partnership comes on the heels of Governor Cuomo's priority for municipalities to thoroughly investigate and work together on such large scale projects, like water.

The concerns of the Verona water supply will be discussed at a working meeting with Town representatives and members of the Rome Common Council on Wednesday, February 14th. Verona Supervisor Musacchio says, "I believe this project will be a sensible partnering of resources to overcome this very important public safety concern in Verona."

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