Amanda Conorro from East Syracuse wanted to thank this couple by sharing their 'Lovin' Moment'.

While at her boyfriend's baseball game, the weather was not as warm as Amanda was hoping for. While she was freezing in the stands and beginning to lose the feeling in her toes, the couple sitting in front of her noticed how cold she looked. The two of them went to their car to get a blanket for her. Amanda says, "it was by far the sweetest most loving thing a stranger has done for her."

It just goes to show how much doing little things like this for a stranger can really go a long way.

Do you know someone who has done a good deed or random act of kindness? Share your ‘Lovin’ Moment’ and we’ll show you a “Little Lovin” by putting you into a drawing to win a $50 McDonald’s gift card each month.

*Story Written and Submitted by Big Frog 104 Intern Dan Curtacci*

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