There's no bigger heartbreak that one can face than losing their best friend. In Kristi Fancher from Vernon and her kids' case, that was their dog.

Kristi brought her dog to The Rome Animal Hospital in an emergency last week. It was her first time ever visiting there. They agreed to work with her even though she didn't have the money. Unfortunately, her dog had to be put down. The vet that was working with her saw how distraught her and her kids were, and told her that there would be no bill for the visit or for humanely euthanizing him.

A few days after their visit, Kristi and her family received a card from The Rome Animal Hospital. It wasn't just a generic "I'm sorry" card either. Each person had wrote their own special note to show that they cared. "The act of kindness that they showed made me believe there are still people who are in it for the animals and the people and not just the money," Kristi said.

We would also like to thank The Rome Animal Hospital for being so caring to Kristi and her family in this time of grievance of their pet and best friend. We also want to thank Kristi for sharing this 'Lovin' Moment'.

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