The Utica Zoo's 18th annual Brewfest is coming up on August 6, and the Zoo decided to team up with Woodland Hop Farm and Fermentation to create a special beer just for the event.

The new beer is called Endangered IPA and is a tribute to the endangered animals that call the Utica Zoo home.

Communications Director at the Zoo Mike Beck said this year's Brewfest cup has a picture of the Zoo's critically endangered Chinese Alligator:

"That's Why we came up with the name endangered IPA," Beck said. "And the thing about Endangered IPA and the beers at Woodland is they don't make repeats of their beers so I'm telling everybody to get it before it becomes extinct."

Woodland Hop Farm and Fermentation Owner A.J. Spado says the new beer is a black IPA with seven different types of hops, including New York State hops.

"Yeah it's endangered so this combination of hops that we have, there's seven different ones in there so having that same combination would be tough to recreate, and we're not brewing it again," Spado said.

Spado added they made 10 barrels of the brew, and he's guessing it will only last about four weeks so it will go fast. You don't have to wait until the Zoo's Brewfest though, you can try the Endangered IPA Tuesday through Sunday at Woodland Hop Farm and Fermentation until it's gone.