Woodland Farm Brewery will be hosting their first annual New York State Cask Ale Fest on October 15 at their brewery on Trenton Road in Marcy.

A cask ale is the traditional way to serve beer in England, where carbonation is added to the beer while it is in the vessel it is served out of.

Woodland's A.J. Spado says cask style allows for more flavors and varieties.

The Cask Ale Fest will feature specialty brews from seven additional breweries, including F.X. Matt, Good Nature, Shmaltz, Lunkenheimer, Binghamton and Fulton Chain Craft Brewing.

Tickets can be purchased at Woodland Farm Brewery or their website as well as any participating brewery.

Woodland also announced the upcoming release of their new 'Station 4' beer. Spado says it's a tribute to local firefighters, that is a red ale with a hint of smoke flavor. Station 4 will be available beginning September 14.