A camera outside of the bathroom that may have been the site of kittens tortured at Whitestown Town Park on Gibson Road Park has yielded no information on the incident according to Whitestown Police Chief Donald Wolanin.

The tapes are handled by the town, according to the chief.  He says they are motion sensitive and do not appear to have been tripped by any activity on the evening of July 3, 2013.

On WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning Wolanin said the cameras may not have been sensitive enough to pick up activity given the low lighting that may have existed at the time.   When asked whether the cameras may be replaced since they failed to do what they were intended to, Wolanin said that they were looking at fine-tuning - or possibly replacing - the camera outside the bathroom.

Full interview from WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning:


Whitestown Police Investigating Animal Cruelty Case

According to Whitestown Police, on July 3, a group of kids at the skate park on Gibson Road saw a white male walk into the woods near the back of the park with a bag. Several minutes later the kids heard crying and/or meowing coming from the wooded area.