They say good things come in small packages. A little girl's letter to Rome Police Officer Hollie Kennedy is not only affecting Kennedy, but everyone who reads it.

Officer Kennedy was on her way to work, crossing the street in the pouring rain when a little girl she didn't know ran up to her. "She puts a note in my hand, waves goodbye and just runs off to home."

It meant a lot to me. It justified why I do my job everyday

The note was a thank you letter from a girl who hopes to be just like Officer Kennedy one day.  "Thank You for taking care of us and keeping us safe. You risk your life for us and I pray every night you guys stay safe," the girl writes.

"It felt so good to hear her say that, especially when I'd never really met her before," says Officer Kennedy.

The girl goes on to say, "people think all cops are bad, but you are one of the good ones. You truly are my hero."

Kennedy doesn't consider herself a hero. She says she's just going her job, but it's times like these that make the job brighter. "It meant a lot to me. It justified why I do my job everyday."

Officer Hollie Kennedy

Captain Timothy Bates says "Officer Kennedy is very dedicated to her job and the community. She continually performs her duties in a professional manner and it's  great to see how her actions have touched the life of a young child."

Officer Kennedy is no stranger to recognition. She received the Meritorious Police Duty Award in 2014 for being one of the first officers dispatched to a brutal double homicide.

Officer Hollie Kennedy

To all men and women who put on the uniform and put their lives at risk every day, your sacrifice is appreciated.

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