Utica, NY (WIBX) - Councilman Jim Zecca and newly elected county legislator, Harmony Speciale, were at the former site of Bossert Manufacturing to discuss the possibilities that site holds.

Zecca said the nearly 7-acre property has been cleared to sell, but points out that without site access from the North-South arterial, the land is less appealing.

"It has a lot of potential, but you have to have accessibility to the side roads and to the community," Zecca said. "Without that, if it's an expressway, you're not going to have the accessibility, and it's not going to be a benefit to the city of Utica."

The councilman also said if a shopping center would be built on the Bossert site, West Utica, and its residents, would benefit.

"You've got the busiest road in Oneida County, with over 40,000 cars passing through here," Zecca said. "This would be an ideal area for development, and that would be a huge boost to the city of Utica, and to West Utica, to have a retail shopping plaza here ...and it's doable."

The Councilman has been a firm supporter of a boulevard style roadway, instead of the proposed D.O.T. plan already in place.

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