If the election were held today and the race was between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you might be surprised by the results, according to a recent Zogby Analytics poll.  

Between March 21-24, Zogby Analytics asked more than 1300 likely voters: "If the election for President were being held today and the Democratic nominee for President is Hillary

Pollster John Zogby  (Getty Images)

Clinton and the Republican nominee for President is Donald Trump, who would you vote for?" The results were resounding and somewhat surprising.

Despite her negatives, Hillary Clinton easily beat Donald Trump by a margin of 53% to 35% among national voters.

Here are the breakouts:

•Democratic base voters, 18-29 year olds (67%-20%)

•18-24 year olds (73%-16%)

• Hispanics (66%-20%)

•African Americans (89%-4%)

•Voters with incomes of $25,001-$35,000 annually (51% to37%)

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Donald Trump does better among white voters, although he is still losing to Hillary Clinton 45% to 43% and those who earn $35,001-$50,000 is basically tied among the two candidates. Clinton also gets a majority of females (52%-34%) and males (53%-36%). Clinton also wins the all important Independent vote, 45% to 34%

It's still not a slam dunk for Clinton just yet. When we pressed the 13% who were unsure of who they would vote for, Trump wins 17% to 10%, while almost three-quarters (73%) are not sure.

Clinton vs. Cruz

We asked the same hypothetical for Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz. In this matchup, Hillary beats Ted Cruz handily, 52% to 36% and beats him across the board with the exception to white voters, which is much closer at 44% to 43% in favor of Clinton. Ted Cruz does well among older voters, he beats Clinton among those age 55-69 (44% to 34%) and those age 70+ (56%-35%).

As is the case with Cruz's Republican counterpart Donald Trump, of the 13% who are unsure between Clinton and Cruz, when pressed to make a decision between the two, Cruz gets 14% and Clinton gets 8% while 79% are not sure.

Clinton vs. Kasich

Hillary Clinton in a head to head matchup narrowly beats Ohio's Governor John Kasich, 46% to 42%. Clinton is strongest among the Democratic base, such as younger voters,

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18-29 year olds (54% to 30%), Hispanics (69% to 25%), African Americans (85% to 10%), but that's where it ends.

Kasich actually wins lower income voters who earn $25,001-35,000 annually (44%to 40%), Independents (46% to 34%), people who live in the suburbs (51% to 38%) and those who live in rural areas (49% to 38%). He also wins among middle income voters who earn $35,001-$50,000 annually 47% to 37%.

Among higher income voters, the race is much closer, with Clinton winning by a 4% margin among those earn more than $75,000 annually.

Among the 12% who are undecided, Clinton wins 13% to Kasich's 10% and 78% are still not sure.

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