Thursday, I will be taking the plunge and getting my second COVID-19 Vaccine shot even though I had a decent bout with the disease back in late December. I might, or I might not have side effects from the second shot, according to doctors.

The belief is that because I had the virus, it's almost like getting a booster shot when getting the 2nd vaccine, offering up even more protection against COVID. I'm all in. The science and data completely support that this inoculation is safe and effective.

How long it will last? We're not sure yet and that's all the more reason to ignore the crazy Facebook posts and get the shot in your arm. It means freedom to do things, it protects you, your loved ones and others from the virus.

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I understand, I might get some nasty side-effects from shot #2. I can't imagine it could be anywhere as bad as how I felt when I actually had the virus. In fact, scientists say this is simply your immune system going to work to protect you, you are not able to get the virus from the vaccine. So while symptoms might be difficult, it will be nothing compared to the life threatening symptoms some people get from COVID.

So, here are 10 simple reasons to support the fact that you need to get the vaccine ASAP!

10. You'll be able to attend sporting events

9. Schools and school events are almost absolutely going to require people to be vaccinate in order to attend certain events.

8. Here's an easy one: it could save your life.

7. Another easy one: it could save someone else's life

6. It's the one thing that's going to get us back to some level of normalcy.

5. It's free!

4. "I'm having really bad side effects from the vaccine!" What a great excuse to call-in a sick day

3. You can throw a house party or dinner party and not have to feel guilty about it.


courtesy of Oneida County

2. You are instantly welcomed into the "I've been Vaccinated" club.

1.  The chance of getting sick from COVID-19 after the second shot is about .008%. The chance of getting struck by lightening in a lifetime is actually greater, about .03%. There you have it! The odds are on your side, so get the shot today!

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