Every year it happens. In fact it's happened every year since 1985. A 12 seeded team always seems to upset a number 5. This year is no different. Last night in dramatic fashion 12th ranked Stephen F. Austin took 5th ranked Virginia Commonwealth University to overtime, and came away with an upset.

The third such upset this year.

Behind a late 3-pointer from SFA senior guard Desmond Haymon, the small school from deep in the heart of Texas pulled off the third 12-over-5-upset of the NCAA Tournament taking out VCU 77-75 in extra minutes.

And the second in overtime.

Thursday night saw dark horse 12th ranked North Dakota State take 5th ranked Oklahoma to overtime and a final of 80-75 for the second 12 vs. 5 upset this season.

But it all started on Thursday afternoon with number 12 Harvard upsetting 5th ranked Cincinnati 61-57.

According to CBSSports.com, this is just the third time since the field expanded to 64 teams in 1985 that three 12 seeded teams have pulled off the upset against a number 5 ranked opponent.

2002 and 2009 are the previous two times it's happened. Keep that in mind when you fill out your brackets next year.

It's just one more reason we love March Madness and the underdog.