A toddler's reaction to watching Mufasa die in Disney's The Lion King is traumatizing the internet all over again.

In a viral video shared on TikTok, 2-year-old Rory sits in her cosmic PJs, a spoon clenched in one hand and her other hand tightly balled up in a fist, as she watches one of the most harrowing scenes to ever grace the silver screen.

The little girl's face moves through all the emotions as she watches lion cub Simba's dad, Mufasa, trampled by animals after tumbling into a gorge.

"What happened to his daddy? He fell down? Simba is helping him," the little girl says, trying to rationalize what she's seeing.

"Simba is helping him," she repeats, with a hopeful attitude.

Her dad continues to film her reaction as Rory experiences denial for what is happening on screen. "He's tired," she mutters, hoping Mufasa will get up.

Finally, as she observes Mufasa's lifeless body lying in the dirt, her eyes well up with tears. She's devastated.

"No!" she screams, shaking her spoon at her dad.

Us too, girl. Us too.

Watch below:

Disney fans who first saw the film in the '90s were "scarred" for life after watching Scar betray and kill his brother Mufasa by throwing him off a cliff.

The heartbreaking scene is a universal gut punch. In the comments section, TikTok users relived every emotion all over again.

"He's tired… she's trying to convince herself he's okay! Saddest. Scene. Ever," one viewer wrote.

"I cried watching this," another commented.

"Trauma therapy ... It was horrible for us all, girlfriend," another joked.

"Her thinking Scar was going to help broke me," someone else wrote.

"You're just gonna do this to the whole entire internet huh?" another commented, capturing what we're all thinking.

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