With arguably the sweetest, smoothest swing in all of Major League Baseball, New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano is captain of - no, not his Yankees team - but the 2013 AL Home Run Derby squad.

Cano will be appearing in his third consecutive HR Derby and has actually won the Derby crown before. He is also the AL's starting second baseman and is now a five-time All-Star.

HR Derby experience: 2011, Won the Derby Crown with a total of 32 HR's and 12 in the final round. 2012, wasn't as nice to the defending crown winner - a first round exit after putting up a goose-egg (0).

Career Long Balls: 197 in his ninth MLB season (20 so far in 2013)

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Prince Fielder, one half of the Detroit Tigers' new-age Bash Brothers, is a 2013 All-Star reserve, making his fifth All-Star team and fifth HR Derby appearance.

And, when it comes to the derby, Prince is knack for being the king - twice winning the exhibition, including last year in Kansas City.

There's no doubt this guy can mash. He'll likely launch a few souvenirs into the Pepsi Porch at Citi Field.

Derby experience: 2012, won it with 28 total and 12 in the final round. 2011, eliminated after second round. 2009, his first HR Derby win with a total of 23 and 6 in the final round. 2007, first round exit after lifting just three bombs into the seats.

Career Long Balls: 275 in his ninth MLB season (15 so far in 2013)

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The Baltimore Orioles' Chris Davis, another no-doubter who can put on a show.

Davis' power-packed swing has him on a torrid season-pace and currently leading all of baseball with 33 dingers. He'll start for the AL team at first-base in an AS game that may be delayed by the derby, because if this guy gets into a groove, he might hit homers for the duration of All-Star weekend.

Davis is another guy who could scar the Pepsi Porch facade at Citi Field, but if shagging his homers if your goal, the parking lot isn't a bad spot to stand.

Derby experience: none

Career Long Balls: 110 in his sixth MLB season (33 so far in 2013)



*It is worth noting that there is not an exact recipe for determining the annual HR Derby contestants. This is an exhibition and the contestants are not necessarily the top four or five sluggers in each league. I believe the participants need to be ‘All-Stars’ and then ceremonial captains select from their respective league’s All-Star roster. Also, it’s my understanding that guys can decline the invite. Which is why Cano is/was awaiting confirmation on his final pick. In other words, Wright and Cano are the captains because the game is in New York this year, and Cuddyer is an All-Star who is having a good season. Thought it was worth noting for those not familiar with MLB’s oft-changing HR Derby guidelines.