'24: Live Another Day' has entered its final act and things couldn't get crazier. Last week's episode saw the President of the United States seemingly sacrifice his life to appease a vengeful terrorist. How do you top that? Well, this episode certainly does go for it.

Audrey, the British PM and the Presidential staff watch the aftermath of the explosion at the stadium. The PM offers his condolences to Audrey and calls Heller's sacrifice an act of bravery. Mark tries to comfort Audrey, but she gives him the cold shoulder.

The agents at the CIA station watch the same news report. Kate puts two and two together and figures out what happened. On cue, they start receiving word that the hijacked drones are crashing. Margot is keeping her end of the deal.

Ian reluctantly crashes the drones until they have one left. And, then he notices something is wrong with the footage of Heller's death. Someone has hacked into the drone's feed and inserted cloned footage. Heller wasn't on the field when the missile hit and he's still alive!

On the ground, Jack leads Heller away from the stadium and explains that this was the plan all along. Chloe calls and tells him that Margot and Ian have managed to keep the final drone in the air. Jack tells her to forward the drone's feed to the Air Force. Heller insists that he was ready to die, saying that the final drone can still kill thousands of people. Jack doesn't accept that and loads him in a car with Belchek, who will keep him safe until Margot is dealt with. Jack gets in the helicopter and takes off.

Jack conferences in with the CIA station and the President's staff and explains what happened. The PM wants to know if the drone can be stopped and Jack says Chloe is narrowing down Margot's location. Navarro dispatches Kate and Eric to assist Jack on the ground.

As she leaves, Kate asks Navarro about Jordan, who tells her not to worry. He promises her that back-up will be right behind them.

Ian finds footage of Jack and Heller after the explosion and Margot immediately recognizes Jack. Ian says he can track Heller and kill him, but Margot has a new plan for revenge: she's going to bomb Waterloo Station and kill thousands of people.

Chloe calls Cross and asks for help finding Margot's exact location. Cross gives in and uses his cool hacker tech to find the office block where she's headquartered. She calls Jack and tells him she can find Margot's exact location in the building if they cut power to the area.

Kate and Eric arrive at the office block and are immediately ambushed by Margot's guards. They exchange gunfire. Jack lands the helicopter on the roof and yells for Kate to take out the nearby generator to cut power to the building.

The PM and the President's staff watch the drone feed helplessly.

Jack battles his way through Margot's men on the roof, killing them all. On the ground, Eric covers Kate as she lobs a grenade at the generator, killing power to the building.

Inside, Ian's back-up kicks in. He only needs five more minutes to destroy Waterloo Station.

Chloe tells Jack exactly where Margot is and he ventures into the building, where he meets heavy resistance and is forced to retreat. On the ground floor, CIA back-up arrives and Kate leads them into the building.

On the drone feed, the PM notices that Waterloo is the target and calls for an immediate evacuation. Jack heads back to the roof while Kate, Eric and the other agents climb the stairs.

Ian locks in their target and insists they get out of there. Margot refuses and holds a gun on him: they're seeing this through to the end. Ian agrees. They will succeed or die together. They embrace.

As Kate and her team battle their way through the building with casualties on both sides, Jack fashions a rope out of electrical wiring on the roof and rappels down the side of the building. He reaches the window and Ian grabs a gun and opens fire. Jack dodges the shots, reaches through the window and pulls Ian out of the building. He splatters on the pavement. Margot screams and goes for her gun, but Jack shoots to injure, incapacitating her.

The drone launches its missile, but Chloe tells Jack he has 30 seconds to redirect it. He steers it into the river, where it explodes harmlessly. The various characters cheer from their various locations.

Margot tells Jack that everyone who died today is on his head. Jack replies that the only death that's on him is hers. Then he throws her out the window, killing her.

Belcheck drops Heller off at the embassy. Everyone is reunited and Heller apologizes to Audrey and Mark. Everyone hugs everyone else and it's all very nice.

Back at the office block, Jack and the CIA team pack up Margot's equipment, Heller thanks him over the phone and Kate gives him a handshake. It's all wrapped up...but Kate gets a phone call from her contact in the London police department. He's at a crime scene: Jordan and an unidentified assailant are both dead. Kate and Eric head over to find out what happened.

Kate calls Navarro and tells him that Jordan is dead. Navarro is more horrified to learn that his hired gun is also down. He calls Cross and tells him that the dead killer can be traced back to him and asks Cross for help getting out of the country. Cross agrees, but only if he can secure the drone override device.

Kate examines the crime scene. The killer has no ID and no labels on their clothes. Kate scans his fingerprints to run through the CIA database.

Chloe leaves the coffee shop and takes a phone call from Jack. He wants her to come examine the override device at the CIA station, but she refuses. Margot is dead and Chloe says she's done working for the government. She says it was good to work with Jack one more time and gets into a waiting car with Cross behind the wheel.

Jack takes the device into the CIA station and immediately hands if over to a Department of Defense techie, who starts examining it. Jack calls Kate, who fills him in on Jordan. His murderer was a former covert operative, but his name is proving elusive. Jack sends the fingerprints to an old contact and assures Navarro that it won't take long before they have a match. Navarro just stares at the override device.

While Jack's contact attempts to get a match on the fingerprints, the DoD techie reveals that the override device doesn't just hijack drones -- it can break into any defense system. Jack takes a call from Audrey and steps out. She thanks him and they almost have a nice moment, but Jack's contact calls. Jack promises to find her later.

With Jack gone, Navarrow knocks out the DoD guy and runs off with the override device.

Jack's contact tells him that the killer is a former agent who used to work for Navarro. Everything clicks and Jack runs back to the room, where the agent is unconscious and the device gone. Jack pulls his gun and begins his pursuit. Jack and Navarro play cat and mouse through the CIA station, exchanging gunfire. Navarro makes it to the surface, where Jack loses sight of him.

Cross parks at a gas station and Chloe steps out. When she's out of earshot, he calls Navarro and arranges a meeting place. Chloe gets back in and kisses him. Cross tells her they have to go meet a friend.


Violent. Silly. Socially irresponsible. Gripping. This episode represents '24' firing on all cylinders, doing everything that it does well and making it look easy. After an action-heavy first half (featuring a Jack Bauer at his most hilariously ruthless), the episode did the impossible and managed to tie the seemingly tired mole storyline into the main plot in a way that's actually satisfying. It's convenient writing and '24' fans probably saw it coming a mile away, but it's the exact kind of late-in-the-game crazy left turn that every season needs if it's going to stay interesting.

With the season's Big Bad dispatched in glorious and gory fashion, '24: Live Another Day' is officially starting to wind down. There probably won't be many more massive explosions or epic gun battles, but the noose is tightening around each of the survivors. There's not much to say about this episode aside from "Ahhhh! That was crazy!", but future episodes should feature a collision between Jack, Navarro, Chloe and Cross that should prove pretty darn intense. '24' is great when it's an action show, but it's even better when it pits its desperate and dangerous characters against one another.

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