Federal prosecutors are levying charges against 29 people who were alleged to have been running two drug trafficking rings in the City of Utica.

Wednesday afternoon, United States Attorney Richard Hartunian unsealed two indictments against eighteen people, who are accused of conspiring to sell cocaine and crack between the summer of 2011 and June 2012.

During the investigation, wiretaps were used to trace calls for seven telephone lines used by the two groups from May until July of 2012. In June of last year, search warrants were executed at five homes in Utica, resulting in the seizure of $20,000, two vehicles and prescription pills. A second series of search warrants were executed in July, with 15 ounces of cocaine, $7,000 and three cars being taken.

It is also alleged that one of the men arrested, Michael Lynch, 39, was using his Southside Auto car dealership on Whitesboro Street as a money laundering and distribution center. Officials say his dealership would launder the money by selling cars and structuring deposits to avoid bank cash reporting requirements.

If convicted for the crime, each person could face a minimum ten year prison sentence, and a $10 million fine. Lynch faces other charges, and, if convicted, could see up to 20 years behind bars and a $2 million fine.

Today's indictments follow the arrest of twelve others last December, when authorities seized 17 kilos of cocaine, $37,000 and five vehicles.

A list of those indicted during Wednesday's announcement and those who were arrested in December can be found below.

US v. SEAN HAGANS, et al. 5:13-CR-137
Sean Hagans, a/k/a "Pretty," 42, of Utica, NY,
Timothy Rider, 46, of Utica, NY,
Alexis Tarris, 26, Frankfort, NY,
Scott Fyfe, 41, Utica, NY, and
Michael Lynch, 39, of Utica, NY.

US v. REID SOOK, et al. 5:13-CR-187
Reid Sook, a/k/a "Country," 38, of Utica, NY,
Arthur Charles Robinson, 24, of Utica, NY,
John Robinson, a/k/a "Pooh Bear," 38, of Utica, NY,
Cecil Jeffrey Palmer, a/k/a "Cry Baby," 42, of Utica, NY,
Alexis Tarris, 26, Frankfort, NY,
Scott Fyfe, 41, Utica, NY,
Brandon Winn, 20, of Niagara Falls, NY,
Dennis Amsdill, 29, of Lewiston, NY,
Kimberly Springer, 31, of Utica, NY,
Raymond Schloop, 41, of Utica, NY,
Jim Caruso, 46, of Utica, NY,
Michael Rossi, a/k/a "Ross," 50, of Utica, NY,
Sean Palmer, a/k/a "Ram," 40, of Utica, NY,
Crawford Gary, a/k/a "Cliff," 44, of Utica, NY, and
Michael Lynch, 39, of Utica, NY.

Those arrested during the seizure in December 2012:

Francisco Linares Perez, a/k/a "Jimmy," 28, of Utica, NY,
Gustavo Perez, 31, of Utica, NY,
Natanael Perez-Martinez, a/k/a "Jose Ramos-Tapia," 27, of Utica, NY,
Reynaldo Javier-Hernandez, a/k/a "Rey," 34, of Utica, NY,
Tomas Cazanas, a/k/a "Cuba," 67, of Utica, NY,
Sabhudin Palo, a/k/a "the Bosnian," 25, of Utica, NY,
Margaret Boutell, 26, of Utica, NY,
Olvin Rivera, 30, of Utica, NY,
Harold Nelson, 42, of Utica, NY,
Pablo Goico, 29, of Utica, NY,
Jason Rodriguez, 29, of Utica, NY, and
Anthony Degristina, 33, a/k/a "the Italian," of Utica, NY.