Lenox, NY (WIBX) - Nearly 300 homes in the Town of Lenox don't have access to clean drinking water. But, Senator Chuck Schumer wants to change that.

Schumer is calling on the USDA to help fund the construction of a ten mile pipeline that would supply residents with clean water from the Onondaga County Water Authority.

The senator says unclean water is not only a detriment to the health of Lenox's residents, but to the economy.

"Not being able to guarantee clean drinking water could make homeowners think twice about moving in, or keep a businessperson from setting up shop here in this part of Central New York," Schumer said. "With the economy in its current state, we can't be bypassing opportunity to generate economy activity."

Schumer says he is working with the Department of Agriculture to secure up to half of the funding needed for the approximately $3.5 million project.

If the project is given the go-ahead, the senator hopes construction may begin as soon as the end of the year.