If the thought of being in the middle of a lake with a seemingly never-ending bottom sends chills down your spine and fear into your heart, great news -  this is not one of them!

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If you much prefer the idea of a lake that you can see the bottom of on a good day or one that you can reach the bottom of and launch yourself up to the top of quickly – this is the lake for you.

Honeoye Lake is one of the eleven lakes that make up New York’s Finger Lakes and the deepest part of the lake it, ready for this? Only 30 feet.

Honeoye Lake is in Ontario County and while most of the lake fits within the town of Richmond, there is a very small piece of it that sits in the town of Canadice. Interestingly, none of the lake sits in the hamlet of Honeoye. The hamlet of Honeoye is actually located just north of the lake.

The name Honeoye comes from the Seneca word “ha-ne-a-yah.” “Ha-ne-a-yah” has an interesting meaning – it literally means “lying finger” or “Where the finger lies.” There is a story told by locals of a Native American who was bitten by a rattlesnake and to save his life, he pulled out his tomahawk and whack! He chopped off his finger. Lying finger literally means, lying finger!

The long and narrow Honeoye Lake is the second smallest of the Finger Lakes and because it is relatively shallow, it tends to be warmer than the other lakes.

While you can swim on Honeoye Lake, the fishing is considered to be exceptional. Also, because the water on this lake freezes quickly and solidly, ice fishing, ice boating, and ice skating are really popular on it.

Which of the Finger Lakes is the deepest? The answer might surprise you and you'll find it here!

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