Oneida County, NY (WIBX) - It's almost here...the day many of us dust off the BBQ grill and clean out the coolers to celebrate Memorial Day with friends and family. And, the wonderful thing about grilling or cooking out is that it leaves no one out--meat lovers and vegetarians can have a good time on Memorial Day with a variety of items they can throw on the grill. In any case, if you're still deciding on a destination to fit your Memorial Day needs, consider the following options we came up with to help you plan for the long holiday weekend.


Click on the link below to experience what you may see when visiting  Lock 20 in Marcy, NY.

Erie Canal Lock 20 is located just west of Utica, on River Road. The picnic areas are great for any gathering. There's also access to fishing areas among other amenities. The video above should give you a glimpse of what to expect.


This is another great location to consider, especially for those with campers, trailers or boats. It's a small area, relatively quiet, but there's a nice pavilion for picnics and a small cafe. The view is very nice too despite being right off Route 5. From Utica, head east on Route 5 and take the second Ilion exit to get to this location.


Many of us refer to this location simply as New Hartford Town Park. The area offers a variety of activities. You can hike, bike, play tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball ... you name it, this park has a lot to offer. It's huge and can accommodate many. It's off of Route 12/New Paris Road in New Hartford.


This is a smaller park but it has a pavilion, a monument and a nice view. There's also a great playground for kids. Make sure you follow the rules of the park. It's located in the heart of New York Mills on Main Street.


This is a larger park and people use it. It was busier than the other parks I visited for this report. There was music, young people playing an exciting game of basketball and others were using the trail for their walks. There are a few fields to accommodate soccer players, baseball players, etc. It's located in Utica on the corner of Rutger and Culver Avenue. There are other entrances to the park.


This recently renovated park is a great option for those looking to do some shopping as part of their Memorial Day outing. It's a little further drive for those living in Oneida County, but well worth it. And, it offers great outdoor activities such as, kayaking, canoe rentals and hiking. The Harbor is located on Southern Avenue in Little Falls.


Sylvan Beach seems to be the destination for many on Memorial Day, but why not ... it's a beach! The other interesting thing about Sylvan Beach is that it offers an amusement park for visitors. There are also shops and restaurants to visit while there. It's a great opportunity to take in some culture while enjoying the long weekend. One thing to keep in mind when visiting Sylvan Beach is the Village's alcohol ordinance. Make sure you follow the rules because police do enforce the zero tolerance policy. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

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