In July of 2023, the amazing talent Jon Liebing passed away from brain cancer. Jon was an incredible musician, writer, performer and friend - and in the end he asked not have a traditional funeral. On Saturday, his wish will come true as a celebration of his life will happen with plenty of his music, at Utica's Stanley Theatre.

Friends and loved ones Katie Keating, Tim Marusic, Lenny Milano, Mark Cochi, along with partner Jacqui Lefton organized an event to pay tribute to Jon and his musical legacy.

"Come join us in the Celebration of Life of our dear friend and one of Central New York's most prolific Songwriter & Musician Jon Liebing. It will be an evening of music, much of it some of Jon's original compositions, performed by some of his closest contemporaries, including some currently performing nationally."

Jon's celebration of life will be held Saturday night at 6 p.m. at the Stanley Theatre in Utica and will feature the area's best musicians, each very close to Jon, performing his music, and even using some of his instruments along the way.

Organizer, Tim Marusic:

The event is being held on the stage and we are limited as to the number of people we can have up there. It pains us greatly to tell anybody who wishes to attend that we cannot accommodate them, and we are asking anybody that who may have bought a ticket and for whatever reason cannot attend please let us know so someone else may take advantage of the opportunity and do so.
In an attempt to somehow make this situation better, we are working on putting together a multi-camera top quality video stream of the show. It will not be cheap but we believe doable. We have created a GoFundMe page for those who might be able to donate a few dollars to help us offset these extra costs. Part of this plan includes a video file available once the show is concluded to preserve for posterity. As stated previously, any excess funds above the cost of putting on this event will be donated to our local cancer society in Jon's memory.
In that same regard, it's been noted that our love and celebration of Jon need not end at midnight on January 13th. The musicians have agreed to put on another show, perhaps an outside venue this summer, where more folks can enjoy the extended celebration and our efforts to keep Jon's memory alive. Keep your eyes open for future events celebrating Jon and his legacy. The music and spirit of this beautiful man shall indeed live on.
In December of 2008, The Keeler Show recorded Jon at his home performing one of his amazing songs, a holiday song, "Dancing on a Snowflake," which Jon dedicated to his dad.

Click here to listen to just some of Jon's amazing musical legacy.

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