For the past 48 hours or so, much of New York State has been deadline with on-again, off-again thunderstorms that have come during the dead of night. It certainly hasn't helped our sleeping patterns, and get ready, because round 3 of thunderstorms will be around tonight.

The National Weather Service says to expect the nasty weather between 9 pm and 3 am in Western New York, and there's a chance these storms could be severe in nature.

The severe thunderstorms that swept through the state early Monday morning actually produced a tornado.

The tornado was an EF-1, so weak in nature, but it was still able to produce winds of 110 mph.

The tornado touched down in Springwater, NY, which is in Livingston County (the Finger Lakes region). That's about an hour and 40 minutes outside of downtown Buffalo.

The tornado was on the ground for less than a mile and was 75-feet wide at its peak.

Dozens of tree trunks were shredded and there was damage to the roof of an outdoor shed, but nobody was hurt by the tornado.

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