The Utica Zoo is welcoming two new additions.

Two African Crested Porcupines were born to parents Kutarna and Darius.

The "porcupettes" were discovered on May 1st with their parents.

Mom Kutarna is 7 years old and has been at the zoo since 2010. Dad Darius is 6 years old and has been at Utica for about the same time. Although the two have lived and bred with each other for about 4 years, they have never produced young before. “When I came in that morning and discovered two new adorable faces snuggled in with their parents I was so excited” said Kristy Bussard, one of the porcupines’ zookeepers.

Zoo officials say they appear to be a male and female.

They had not had their public debut until this week.  You can see them on exhibit from 10am to 2pm daily.

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