The Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas known for protesting military funerals because of America's stance on gay rights, looked as if they were in the midst of another internet hijacking on Wednesday.  Reports spread across the country that the church, described by many as a hate organization, was once again, the victim of the world-wide hacking group called, Anonymous.  The Facebook page seemed to have been abducted and was replaced with content that actually criticized and made a mockery of the church. Upon further investigation, it was obvious that the page was actually a parody page created by Anonymous; one that had been in the works for several months.  According to the news website,, the Westboro Church is actually the victim of 'brand jacking' where someone that doesn't represent the organization creates a new Facebook page made to look like it is officially responsible for the content. Either way, the Westboro page is getting plenty of traffic, with over 8000 likes since the story broke early on Wednesday.  Anonymous has hacked the Westboro Baptist Church website several times since 2011.

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